Tax and VAT Investigation Services

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AGS can offer professional and expert advice if you are facing a tax or VAT investigation.

If HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) considers there to be a risk of tax being lost, it will launch a tax investigation. This type of enquiry is likely where one or more of the following factors exists:

  • Cash-based businesses
  • Late filing of tax returns
  • Late payment of taxes
  • Unexplained capital accumulations
  • Too little income to meet outgoings
  • Information from other tax-gathering departments, such as the VAT office, PAYE audit or compliance visit
  • Information supplied by third parties.

Dealing with such tax or VAT investigations is both time consuming and costly and requires the support of professional consultants.

How can AGS help me with a tax investigation?

The dedicated and experienced investigation team at AGS can act for you in a consultancy capacity, advising you on the conduct of a tax investigation.

Or we can take over investigations on your behalf, dealing directly with HMRC or the VAT office and negotiating issues including penalties, interest and settlement terms, to bring the investigation to a satisfactory conclusion.

We also offer tax insurance that will help protect you and your business should an investigation arise, ensuring you are covered for any subsequent legal costs.

If you are in need of tax or VAT investigation services,  contact AGS for a free consultation today..

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