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Sourcing Business Grants

Obtaining extra funding with a grant

AGS can help your business secure crucial funding via a range of financial grants.

Grant aid is an often overlooked source of finance but one that can provide much needed capital.

Applying for a grant

Available from a range of sources, including the Government, local councils and the EU, a grant might be the right option for your business.

As far as financial assistance is concerned, a grant has undoubted benefits. Unlike a loan, you won’t be required to pay interest or even repay the money. You will, however, need to source a grant, which entails a time-consuming application process and the prospect of tough competition. You may also need to make a financial contribution yourself.

How can AGS help my business secure a grant?

AGS has extensive experience of helping businesses successfully source grants, allowing us to offer professional advice that can guide you through the application process and help you prepare the required supporting paperwork.

Once your grant has been awarded, we are qualified to audit subsequent spending and provide all the appropriate documentation necessary to meet the funding providers’ requirements.

Need help sourcing a grant? Speak to one of the team at AGS today.