Estate Planning Services

Planning for your loved ones’ futures

Our estate planning services give you the freedom to enjoy a comfortable retirement, while mitigating the burden of Inheritance Tax (IHT) for your beneficiaries.

It is never too early to start planning how you will pass on your assets. Particularly when the spectre of Inheritance Tax (IHT) looms heavy over any substantial estate.

How can AGS help me plan for the future?

The tax specialists at AGS are experienced in IHT and estate planning and can advise you on a range of options that will help minimise your liabilities. These include lifetime gifts and transfers, trusts, life insurance and wills and making full use of business or agricultural property reliefs.

We can ensure you reduce the IHT payable on your estate, while retaining enough of your wealth to enjoy a comfortable retirement.

Effective estate planning

Effective estate planning also enables you to balance your financial requirements, ensuring the right provision is in place to allow you and your partner to deal with any unexpected housing, health and care needs in later life.

For advice on reducing Inheritance Tax and securing you and your loved ones’ future, contact AGS today.

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