Manufacturing advice in turbulent times

Our services for the manufacturing sector can help guide your business through economic uncertainty.

The manufacturing sector is unique and highly varied; producing new products from scratch is incomparable to any other industry. Many issues can arise resulting in businesses being held accountable.

Although it contributes significantly to both UK exports and the country’s GDP a number of factors are beyond your control, such as fierce global competition, interest rates, and fluctuating currency values can leave manufacturing companies like yourself vulnerable.

How AGS can help your manufacturing business

To keep your manufacturing business moving forwards through turbulent economic times, you need expert and professional advice.

With extensive experience of acting for clients in the manufacturing and automotive sectors, AGS can help:

  • Minimise your risks from pricing and supply fluctuations
  • Research and Development (R & D) Tax – we can assist with claims for innovative work that you may have completed has helped to advance science and technology
  • Optimise your stock control
  • The ‘Patent Box’ initiative – allows companies to receive the best advice with all aspects regarding ‘Patent Box’ including interactions with R & D tax credits
  • Advise on investment decisions
  • Arrange acquisitions, mergers, or disposals
  • Maximise efficiency and process automation
  • Tax advice – we offer tax compliance services and strategic planning for corporate efficiency
  • Corporate Finance – advise on key development alterations, including buying or selling a business, raising supplementary financial investment or modification in planning.
  • Cash Flow Management – guide you through interest rate exchange and rate fluctuations
  • Handle foreign currency transactions
  • Offshore Operations – advise on the benefits of offshore operations and sales opportunities in emerging economies
  • Devise pricing strategies – of how to improve performance and how to measure effectiveness.
  • VAT and international tax issues – here we can help you grow your export strategies, and aid your companies to capitalise on the value of business conducted abroad.

For help in securing the future of your manufacturing business, contact AGS today.

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