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Chartered Accountants in Dudley

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Chartered Accountants in Dudley

Grant aid is a source of finance that is often overlooked but grants from a range of sources – which might include the European Union, the UK government or local councils – can be a useful source of funding.

While grants bring certain benefits – for example, you won’t have to pay interest on a grant or repay the money – you will need to source a grant to source your specific project, the application process can be time-consuming and you will face tough competition. You will also probably have to contribute financially yourself.

Seeking professional advice is a sensible step and AGS’ experience in sourcing grants means that we are ideally placed to guide you through the application process and help prepare robust supporting paperwork.

Once your grant has been awarded, we are qualified to audit subsequent spending and provide all the appropriate documentation necessary to meet the funding providers’ requirements.

Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our West Midlands tax advisers, and find out more about how AGS accountants can help you.

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Chartered Accountants in Dudley