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Our AGS virtual accountant is a state of the art accounting software which allows companies of all sizes to manage their business without restrictions or compromise. It provides an end to end solution from invoice to management to final accounts.

It is a 100% real time system that allows you to know the financial position of your business at any time allowing you to make business critical decisions for the future.

AGS virtual accountant is the latest cloud based technology that puts you in control.

One View – Control without Stress

AGS virtual accountant is a single ledger design and full drill down capabilities allows users, managers, directors and your accountant to see the same real time data.

Having access to the latest financial data is crucial to help monitor cashflow and profitability. Knowing your system is always up to date gives you the confidence that you will always be looking at your businesses current financial position.

No Growing Pains

AGS virtual accountant means that you can concentrate on growing your business without the worry of added IT costs or the concern of a decrease in speed or volume.

The highly sophisticated transaction engine which powers the single ledger design will not slow down as your business expands.

The multi language, multi company and multi currency engines allow the financial position of the company to be viewed in the country of your choice or as part of an international group. The multi dimensional chart of accounts allows multiple reporting views and real time business intelligence across the globe.

Maximum Security Minimum Hassle

No Cloud provider can claim to be 100% secure but Cloud does offer levels of security that many organisations could not afford. The client access to data is thorough a secure SSL/HTTPS and encryption (AES) set at the highest level.

AGS virtual accountant is backed up to 7 locations within the EEA. Security and integrity of the product is voluntarily audited quarterly by BDO. Full day backups are stored for 6 days, week backup for 4 weeks and a full month backup is stored for 12 months. In addition regular back ups are stored for a minimum of 7 years.

The biggest threat of hacking however does not come from far away countries but from within your business. As AGS virtual accountant is  multi user, multi role and multi company there is no reason to share log in details with others which reduces this threat dramatically.

Relevant & Mindful Information

The ability to drill-down from any report to the initiating transaction, scanned image or stored invoice at anytime, anywhere ends the time wasted at month/year end queries. The real time analytics can even be accessed from mobile devices.

The simple single ledger design eliminates the need for reconciliation and period close, and should any issues arise you have access to online and telephone support.

With the ability to link or take data from almost any software AGS virtual accountant easily allows you to choose what is right for your business to ensure it grows and flourishes.

Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our West Midlands tax advisers, and find out more about how AGS accountants can help you.

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Chartered Accountants in Dudley
Chartered Accountants in Dudley
Chartered Accountants in Dudley
Chartered Accountants in Dudley
Chartered Accountants in Dudley
Chartered Accountants in Dudley

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Chartered Accountants in Dudley